Monday, May 28, 2012

Candy Themed Testing Motivators

I just uploaded a FREEBIE to my store.  It is 4 different printables for testing motivation.  I am in NC, and we start our state EOG (End of Grade) testing this week.

Each one is meant to be attached to that particular type of candy.  I have made one for twizzlers, tootsie rolls, blow pops, and nerds.  I am unable to use the nerds one (it is the one I am most proud of) because I couldn't find enough boxes of nerds without taking out a loan to purchase 54 of them.  

I hope you enjoy them and are as excited about them as I am!  And hopefully it will help get your students a little more hyped up about doing well on any standardized testing they must do. 

To get this FREEBIE, either click on the link above or click on any of the images.  There are also additional links at the bottom of the page that should hopefully take you to the documents in my google docs.
Attach to a blow pop or blow pop minis.

Attach to nerds (Ifyou can find enough of them - this was my favorite one, but I could not find just a package of a large number of nerds.)

Attach to a larger tootsie roll (Sam's Club) or to a baggie with a few tootsie rolls in it.

Attach this to a snack size package of twizzlers.  I know that I spelled twizzted (twisted) wrong - just wanted it to sort or match the candy!

I have also tried to link this to my google docs account, but not sure that was successful.  You can try it here (it may or may not work!):  TWIZZLERS, TOOTSIE ROLL, BLOW POPS, and NERDS.


  1. Hi Seldy - these are great fun! I love how you've limited the number of candy options (and hence the drain on our budgets) but incorporated awesome colors! Thanks so much for sharing! :-) Good luck to all on the EOGs.

  2. Hey Seldy - I stumbled upon your blog through a fellow Pinterester. I'm thrilled that I did. I'll be moving to 6th grade next year and am a bit nervous. The past seven years I've taught older kids (13 - 15) through an at risk team. I hope I don't make the babies cry! Will be scouring your blog for advice. Happy summer.


  3. Hi Seldy!
    I am so glad I found your blog. It looks like a great resource (I am already investigating the text mapping process you described. Neat-O!)

    And I can't wait to start checking out your social studies lessons next year.

    Hooray for finding another sixth grade blog!
    I'm happy to be your newest follower.

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. Kim,

      Thanks for following me...I have been "stalking" you for months!

      With the social studies thing and the 6th grade thing, I just found out Thursday that I will be moving to 7th grade next year to teach my blog will be changing some I guess.

      I am both excited and nervous about the change. I taught 7th grade prior to moving to 6th grade this year, but have only ever taught language arts and this year social studies in the middle school. I am excited about the new adventure and the fun we can have (and the fact that science is not "tested").

      AND...I do get to loop with my wonderful kiddos from this that makes it all better!


  4. Love your ideas! I'll definitely be using some of these ideas in my middle school class. Great Blog!

  5. Check the Halloween candy aisle in October. I know that I've seen big bags of tiny boxes of nerds. Happy Sunday!

    1. I found some just the other day in the local drug store where I get my prescriptions filled. Who would have thought to check there? Anyway, I checked into it and the bags of Nerds is something they carry all of the time. So now I know. From now on, I will check with them first...they will probably order whatever I want...the benefits of a hometown business! Thanks for your help!

  6. Thank you so much for posting information and great pics! All your pictures are fantastically helpful and I appreciate your documentation. Well done guys

  7. I LOVE this idea -- as well as your background! Would you mind sharing where you got it?