Saturday, January 21, 2012

Langage Arts and Interactive Notebooks

I created a post-it note poster to use for students to understand the concept of a new word.  I put our headings packet on  Since this is my first addition to TpT, it is free.  I hope to add other things to TpT focusing on using interactive notebooks in language arts.  There are many things out there for science, social studies, and math; but have not found many notebook ready/worthy ideas for language arts/reading.

Watch this blog for future updates about using interactive notebooks in language arts classes.  Since discovering the concept online a couple of years ago, it has become my best friend.  I love how organized the notebook keeps students and they all of their resources at their fingertips.  This is especially important as we move to Common Core for language arts and Essential Standards for social studies (I teach in NC) without the slightest hint of getting any new resources.  Since this is my first year EVER teaching social studies, the interactive notebook is a great place to resources for students to refer throughout the year. I think I should invest some of my money in glue stick stock...since we use it almost daily!

Watch for future updates with pictures from our language arts interactive notebooks.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new adventure...

So...I've never blogged before, but thought I would give this a try.  What a busy week we've had already in my 6th grade classroom this year.  We went back to school on Monday and I am dragging.  Getting back in the routine has been kicking my backside. 

Anyway...I am going to try and post some of the things we are working on in class and some of the fun things we do...and the funnier things students say.  My problem is hoping that I remember exactly what they say by the time I get to blog.

I am going to try and insert a picture of an organizational toolbox that I "made" with a friend on New Year's Eve.  It was a Christmas gift from her to me...and I actually enjoyed doing it, even though I have no craftiness in me!