Friday, May 18, 2012

A bet, A loss, A win...

One of my students was struggling to earn his 100 AR points to attend our school's celebration so in my stupidity infinite wisdom, I said I bet you cannot do it either!  He is quite the athlete and is very competitive and said, "What do I get if I get my 100 AR points?"  I said to go to the celebration.  He was like you are afraid to bet me because I can do it.  I commented that I liked a good win-win situation for myself, what did he have in  mind.  So the bet became dinner at the local Mexican restaurant paid for by the loser. 

Monday, he finally earned his 100 points and was able to attend the celebration today.  He has since informed everyone that he beat me.  I paid up today after school.

REALLY?  He did get his 100 AR points, but who honestly won this bet?  We both did!  I am also the winner because he read more than he thought he would or could and is now a little more confident in himself!

Added benefit, another student is also quite competitive and she bet this boy that she would get her points before he did.  This cost me nothing and she did get her points only a minute before he did, but she had bragging rights and I had the thrill of another more confident reader. 

Cost of meal:  $8.00
Time spent with student:  2 extra hours
Confidence and relationship built:  PRICELESS

This is why I love my job and working with middle schoolers.  Just a simple little bet creates enthusiasm and confidence!

The cost of a student reading - lunch ACP and a drink.


  1. Hmmm...I could always go for some Mexican. I'll have to remember this for next year!


    Will Grade For Coffee