Saturday, August 30, 2014

MakerSpace Help

Any advice from anyone who knows about Makerspaces (  

Awarded a $1500 Walmart grant for a makerspace at school.  What are some must haves to get us started? #Makerspace #makered


  1. Hello I work in a makerspace in a public library. We focus mainly on digital creation. audio, video, etc. Since you're working with a middle school, you probably want to focus more on STEM type projects. I would probably go towards something like Lego Mindstorm or Technic kits. That will allow your to work on engineering, design, programming. Then again, since your sideboard says you teach robotics that may be too easy for your kids.

  2. GET a 3-D Printer!!!!!! Must have!!!!!
    Deniece, This Little Piggy Reads

  3. I'd recommend a KNK cutter. It is versatile and easy to use, but best of all in probably won't break....Contact CPCC for advice as well....they have a great FabLab (educational maker space).

    Mrs. Harris of